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2009-07-29 01:19:48 by animacionesalpedo

what do you ppl think about those stupid haters that go around there putting 0s and shit because they get offended by things that arent that stupid, like for example ppl that go to naruto animations and then put a 0 and say narutards, i think they should get prohibited to review, dont you??
im not saying this for my animations, that get low scores because of those motherfuckers, im saying it in general, ive seen those assholes everywhere and they just get all useless marks, so why are they even here? they are just idiots who believe themselves smarter than normal ppl, they are subnormal... thats why i think about them lol


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2009-07-30 19:47:02

i totally agree cause this one guy went up to my flash and hes like
"this is a terrible animation dont submit it again becaus eit will alwqays be blammed. the graphics suck the animation sucks and the music is annoying,"

it did get blammed though but he could have at least been constructive about it

animacionesalpedo responds:

they suck


2009-07-30 23:56:11

Ha dude i thnk the same thing about them it's nice to see that some one else hates them as well.

animacionesalpedo responds:

those motherfuckin idiots should die lol


2009-08-06 12:43:40

If they say it sucks then they should explain why! Fucking a the info for why they thought it sucked would make the next one better. I like what you have for a first submission, if I had found something wrong I would say.

But these are people who just wanna be dicks and not bother to submit a flash or just want to give you crap.

I say keep up the good work.

animacionesalpedo responds:

yea, they are dumbasses... im working on 2 flashes, and the naruto vs bleach part 2 wasnt even started, i guess ill take my time for that one, thnx for liking them...
if this fags didnt put me 0s or 1s my flash would get a 9.3 at least i think.... but no, there have to be fuckin haters around, and ng doesnt do anything to deal with it -.-